Rachel James Is A New Babysitter For The Adams Family

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Rachel James is a new babysitter for the Adams family. When Mrs. Adams leaves for the day, she gives Rachel some house rules to follow and reminds her that Mr. Adams will be working from home today. As soon as Mrs. Adams walks out the door, Mr. Adams starts bothering Rachel. He asks her to bring him water, then asks her to rub his feet, and finally asks her to get him a snack. After all this, Rachel decides to take a break on the balcony. Mr. Adams follows her out there and starts bothering her again. This time, Rachel snaps at him and goes inside. Later in the day, Mr. Adams catches Rachel masturbating in his bedroom. Instead of telling her to get off of it, Mr. Adams asks if he can join her. From there, things escalate quickly and soon Mr. Adams is fucking his babysitter in his bedroom.