Kendall Woods Got Sperm On Her Chest And Big Ass

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Kendall Woods is visiting her friend and her friend’s dad is home when she comes over. Her friend’s dad, Jax, has been single for a while and can’t help but notice how beautiful Kendall is. He asks her to help him out with some things around the house in exchange for some money. Kendall agrees and decides to use the money to buy herself a new outfit. When she comes back, Jax is shocked at how sexy she looks. They get to talking and Kendall reveals that her boyfriend broke up with her. Jax senses that he has a chance to get with her so he makes his intentions known. Kendall is hesitant at first because he’s her friend’s dad and they would ruin their relationship if they got caught. Jax reassures her that they won’t get caught and proceeds to give her the best fuck of her life.