Dera Pounds Stepdaughter While Wife Is Away

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Melody Marks was studying at the kitchen table when her stepfather Charles Dera came in and asked her how it was going. Melody told him that she was having a hard time because she had a crush on a boy who didn't seem to be interested in her. Charles tried to console her by telling her that she was young and there would be other boys, but Melody insisted that this one was special. She confessed that she was a virgin and that she couldn't wait any longer to lose it. Charles looked shocked for a moment, but then he smiled and told her that he would be more than happy to help her out. He pulled her into his lap and began kissing her passionately. Melody unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his chiseled abs. She rubbed her hands over them and then began kissing his chest. Charles undid her jeans and slid them off along with her panties to reveal her sweet pink pussy. He rubbed her clit and made her moan with pleasure. Then he stood up, stripped out of his pants